Our goal as the cafe is to use specialty coffee as an avenue to cultivate true community, exchange ideas, meet your neighbor, or just hang out. Here at metro we are a multi-roaster cafe and offer coffees from around the world. We prepare and serve our coffee in four distinctive ways: espresso, batch brew, pourover, and cold brew. We love making excellent coffee, but even more, we love serving coffee that is excellent enough to brighten a customer's day. 


The origin of coffee has been traced back to 9th century Ethiopia. The legends is told that an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi observed his goats acting strangely and dancing after they ate the cherries off the coffee plant. He then ate the cherries and shared them with other shepherds, and the rest is history.

Coffee then spread to the rest of North Africa, and Islam spread it throughout Europe through trade and travel. It became very popular in Europe, especially in countries like Italy, Spain, and England. It eventually made its was to North America, but its popularity did not really explode until the Boston Tea Party. After the British put increasingly burdensome taxes on tea, coffee became the official drink of the colonies.


The word espresso in Italian can mean at least two things. It can mean, “to be fast or rapid” and it can also mean “something prepared especially for you.”

Espresso is concentrated coffee brewed by forcing hot water (between 185-203 degrees) through finely ground coffee using pressure. A double-shot of espresso is typically 1.5-2 fluid ounces.

A shot consists of two main components:


The rich, reddish blond foam on top of the shot. The crema should be rich, velvety, with a lot of aroma and fragrance.


Underneath the layer of crema is the dark, aromatic concentrated coffee.

Most espresso comes in the form of a blend. A blend is a mixture of coffees from different origins and/or roasts to create desired characteristics and qualities in a coffee. Because every coffee has different traits and idiosyncrasies, the blend has to be just right in order for the different coffees to compliment each other. 


Batch brew is wildly known as “drip coffee”. It’s a mass brewed coffee through a batch-brewing machine. This method provides a quick cup of coffee to meet the demand of a fast paced environment. We carefully fine-tune the coffee using exact ratios to maintain the quality of the cup.


The single-cup brewing method is a perfect way to brew a custom, delicious cup of coffee. This method highlights all our different single origins and allows you to experience a hand-crafted, fresh cup of coffee. Using the proper method consistently will result in a perfectly extracted, flavorful and unique cup. There are many different ways to brew a single-cup of coffee that vary in body and clarity. Our method of choice is the Chemex because it maintains clarity while providing a rich body and smooth mouth feel. Peter Schlumbohm, a German scientist invented the Chemex with the goal to create the perfect cup of coffee. The design of the Chemex has remained the same since its original production in the early 1940’s.


Cold brew is a method of brewing coffee in cold or room- temperature water replacing heat with time. The cold water extracts the delicious flavor compounds from coffee beans and leaves behind bitter oils and biting fatty acids producing a strong, smooth, well-rounded cup of iced coffee.